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LITERARY COACHING SERVICES: Content and structure [critique and evaluation] editing for a manuscript or short story [draft versions]:

MANUSCRIPT DRAFTS: Where’s the story? Is what you intended on the page? Are your characters compelling? Do you have a beginning, middle and end?

Readers Report - Evaluation only: up to 80,000 words [320 pages]: $750** Contact me about the cost of longer manuscripts.
I will provide an overall written critique on content and structure.

Readers Report Structural/Content Evaluation:

Entire manuscript [book or short story] = $7.50 pp**. I will provide an evaluation of the over-all content and structure of your work. Includes one 30 minute phone call at the end. Send paper version with pre-paid return envelope.
          Example: 250 pages X $7.50pp = $2062.50
          (275 pagesX250 words = 68,750 words)

Coaching and Mentoring Sessions: up to 12 pages/week + one phone call/week. $300 per month**. 
Example: submit pages by Monday afternoon and set up a standing review appointment on phone.
Coaching/Mentoring “Getting Started” Package: 1st 3 months – up to 5 pages + one phone call per  week = $175 month. Submit pages by Monday afternoon and set up a standing review appointment on the

CONSULTING GENERAL: Do you have general questions about story ideas, writing support, synopsis, query letters, staying focused, publishing or marketing? Please ask away. Up to one hour for $60. Three hours or more at reduced rates.

SERVICE CHARGE:   Admin fee: 3.5% (US authors), 4.5% (International authors)

Contact me to schedule a short consultation call.

CONSULTATION: Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation: email
Stephanie.austin.edwards@gmail.com for appointment. Include information about yourself, your manuscript and goals: genre, word and page length, title.

BEFORE WE BEGIN: Mail completed manuscript formatted for submission. Include a self-addressed return post office envelope with postage attached. – see below for format details.

Manuscript Format: One page = approximately 250 words. Font: use Times New Roman or Arial. Spacing: double spaced. Margins: one inch margins all around. Header right justified: insert author first initials and last name slash title slash page number in italics [start on first page of beginning of writing]. Example: SAEdwards/WhatWeSetInMotion/pg 1
**Prices subject to change.

Other Services:

  • Feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Creative blocks and the creative process
  • Prioritization of projects and time management
  • Productivity
  • Professional career development for beginners and established writers
  • Business and marketing skills including web and social media
  • Advice on submissions and agents/publishers
  • Confidence in your work
  • The routes to market
  • Professionalism as a writer
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