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Lowcountry Writers Workshop and South Carolina Writers Workshop Guidelines

Book Marketing Essentials
Donít let your marvelous, hard-earned book languish on the store shelf or be in lost the Internet ether. There are ways to market your book Iíll bet you never thought of. Prepare for the holiday sales. If youíre writing or thinking of writing a book, start your marketing plan now.

Creating and Publishing eBooks
Whether youíre a writer or a business person, you can increase your income and/or take the most critical last step in writing a manuscript by creating an eBook. You no longer need an agent to get your work noticed and distributed online around the world. But knowing how to maximize what you have created is the key to getting your work purchased. Creating your own e-book puts you in the driverís seat Ė but do you know how to drive? Do you know how to get people to locate & purchase your work, or how to navigate the complicated road of creating and distributing your e-book? At this class, you will learn the business of creating and publishing in the eBook format. Become familiar with Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, iPad, ePub, Publt, Scribd, CreateSpace, and more. Keys to success include knowledge of pricing, covers, marketing and more. Although this is not a computer class, if youíre not computer proficient, use this as an opportunity to jump in and learn.

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