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Lowcountry Writers Workshop and South Carolina Writers Workshop

Lowcountry Writers Workshop [LWW] circa 2002 & South Carolina Writers Workshop – [SCWW] Meeting Guidelines

Background: I have run two writer’s groups here in Beaufort since 2002. They meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays: the first one, LWW [Lowcountry Writers Workshop - is full and not open to new members at this time] and the second one of the month * *SCWW [South Carolina Writers Workshop, Beaufort Chapter] is open to new members]. All new members come in through the 2nd meeting of the month [the 4th Thursday] and after coming to two meetings, you will need to join SCWW to continue attending. Go to myscww.org online to pay for your membership.

The SCWW group is for new members to attend. This group meets with the original LWW group on the 4th Thursdays from 2:45-5pm at St. Johns Lutheran Church on Lady’s Island in the Fellowship Hall behind the sanctuary. Sometimes our meeting room changes if the church has too much going on.

I am happy to have new writers join us with enough notice. We learn to critique through listening and taking notes. For some people, it’s a learning curve not to have a physical copy in their hands. But this works well in the long run and develops keen attention.
See the guidelines below which you should read before your first meeting. Let me know if you have any questions. They do keep the meeting moving along and for the most part, they keep people from hurt feelings.

A few things to emphasize:
• This is not a Drop-In group - it is more of a commitment.
• You must be working on a project.
• Everyone is required to write, read and critique.
• Joining an ongoing critique group means you’re behind the curve on story lines and how far a reader is into a story. But that’s par for the course. You’ll catch up quickly.
• Everyone needs to RSVP by email each week so I know if we have a quorum to have a meeting at all and I know who might be reading that day.
• If you don’t RSVP to a meeting three times i a row, you will be dropped from the group.
• By attending the meetings, you agree to follow the attached guidelines.

Please email me what you are writing, your genre, a little background on your writing, and your future plans. [I just need to know your genre, what your book is about, and about your current project.]

Lowcountry Writers Workshop and South Carolina Writers Workshop Guidelines

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